What we do and why we do it

We help social mentoring because we believe it helps build cohesive and strong communities.  Social mentoring projects are often local grass-roots initiatives to address specific social problems.  They are about citizens helping citizens.

The Social Atlas aims to give visibility to these projects and their impact.  This helps them find mentors and financial support.  We map all mentoring organizations in an online directory as a first step.  Next, we will collect data and include mentoring dashboards per city and organization to show key metrics to policy makers and other stakeholders. Our final objective is to show a picture of the social reality (activities, results and impact) in each community in real-time.

Who we are

The Civic Media Foundation is a Dutch foundation (stichting) dedicated to strengthening local communities by helping mentoring with data and digital media.  It was founded by Armand Bogaarts, former CEO and co-founder of Eurofiber.

Armand learned how important mentors can be for a vulnerable person.  He is convinced that mentoring is a win-win for all: not just for the mentee but also for the mentor and for the social cohesion of local communities.  That´s why he created the Civic Media Foundation.